SFSA Chapter 1 Prologue

From Assassin to Employee

My name is Aslan Ismail. I am 19 years old, height of 170 cm, well-built physique, with a face that is… normal. I tend to get easily annoyed by little things although I still want to retain my calm. Because of that, I tend to lose my temper a lot and when I do, I go berserk.

To summarize my circumstances, I was betrayed by my comrades.

I was a part of the underground organization called “Black Tenjin soldier Hades”. It’s the Garda Empire’s biggest backbone with the largest scale and military influence. (TL note: Think Anbu in Naruto)

On the surface, they seem like a dignified organization, but in reality, they are an underground organization that deals with a wide range of work such as intelligence, bodyguards for clients, and assassination of enemies. The main requests for the organization involve dispatching personnel to war.

I was picked up by the “Black Tenjin Soldier Hades” when I was young; I was brought up to be a first-class warrior and assassin.

Surprisingly, I seemed to have a talent as a treacherous assassin and was called “a child of death”. I did every mission perfectly and assassinated executives and government officials of many hostile organizations.

Since then, I only failed my mission once. When I was trying to assassinate a prominent lady from a great aristocrat family, something about her left me astounded and I missed killing her. Indeed, what exactly was I thinking?

And four years ago in the summer, when I was 15 years old, I was given the strongest title “Master Reaper” of the “Black Tenjin Soldier Hades”. It is said that I was the youngest ever to receive the award and also the third person to receive the award since the organization was established.

The story returns, and I am in the midst of a desperate situation.

I had just killed one of the hostile executives as usual and returned to the headquarters of the organization for reporting.

Actually, it was strange from that time because the members of the organization that were not always there were surprisingly in full force. But I did not care for such a thing; I reported the result of the assassination as usual.

In what was quite a large room, I gave a message to the masters about the task completion. Then suddenly the door was destroyed and I was surrounded by 50 of my comrades.

To the confused me, the elder chief executive of the organization said:

“You are too strong – that power will destroy the organization someday, thus you will have to die here”.

I thought to myself: Do you even realize how much I contributed to this organization? Do you want to raise yourself to be strong only to die in the end? I don’t think so.

A cold sweat flowed through my back as I looked over the guys that surrounded me. Everybody can call this group a part of the organization’s main battle power. If they were common soldiers, I think that I could win even against this number, but can I even avoid this? Then the elder chief executive grinned and said:

“Farewell, the strongest assassin – kill!!!”

I heard the voices of my comrades… No, my former companions that came to kill me all at once. I knew that if I didn’t resist, I would be killed.

Well, it is not really a battle that you can win in the first place.

I still fought back desperately. These people were fellow assassins who I shared life and death with but now they were my enemies.

I consider myself a pretty good fighter and when death’s door was approaching, my body demonstrated twice the usual power that it had. Against my former companions who were out to kill me, I slaughtered them one by one instead.

I lost track of time as I no longer knew how many minutes had passed but I desperately fought on and continued to suffer but I still didn’t stop.

Then, I cut off the head of the last person.

Blood flowed out like a fountain from my torn body.

In the surroundings, the bodies of the former colleagues I killed are scattered. There are those who have had their necks slit, bodies that have been chopped, limbs torn and internal organs popping out, there wasn’t a single body that was left intact.

I was dyed in so much red that I didn’t know whether it was my blood or not.

The elder chief executive clapped his hands and praised.
“You are a monster as expected, you killed 50 of the main forces of our organization, but how about this?”

From behind the door, close to 100 warriors, nearly fully equipped, came in.

Compared to the guys earlier, this group wassn’t as skilled but they possessed weapons so they are also a big threat.

I didn’t have enough physical strength left to fight. I looked around and saw nearly 100 people together with my former companions who had died.

I am done, my life is over.

“I am quite capable, seeing as I’ve come this far…”

The elder chief executive looked at me and said: “Of course, even if you defeat these guys, we still have someone waiting. Someone far stronger than you are.”

“That guy is…”, I think out loud.

Well, it really didn’t matter at that point. Even if I did somehow defeat those 100 people, I wonder if another 100 more would show up. The situation was very grim.

Suddenly, I found a ray of hope. In a nearby high place, behind the symbol (TL note: possibly a statue or painting, etc.) of the great master, I saw a small window.

I was quite certain that outside that window was a river.

Why not give it a shot?

Since I found my only hope, I decided to move it to action without hesitation. Although the chances are slim, it was better to try it rather than passively wait for death.

Fighting broke out and I staggered to the ground. While doing so, I took a hammer into my hand. It was from one of the men that I had just killed.

The elder chief executive grinned and said: “Oh my God, are you still seriously trying to resist? You should take a break and relax. I will make your death seem like you died in active duty so you can preserve your honor.”

“Hahahaha ー tears will come out of my heart!”, I sarcastically replied.

I used up my last bit of physical strength and ran towards the window with full speed. As I neared the window, I threw the hammer to break it.

Gashan! The window broke with a sound.

“Everyone! What are you doing! Chase him and kill him!”, said the chief elder executive.

Nearly 100 people follow me all at once.

I did not lessen my speed and dove down from the broken window. However, at that moment, an arrow hit my shoulder.
My shoulder suffered severe pain, and I fell to the river.

“Did he escape?”, asks the elder chief executive.

“No, this is the 4th floor, it will be impossible to survive in his condition.”, replies one of his men.

“Yeah, how many of you would have died with him, to choose his own death, he is a foolish and pathetic guy until the end”

I fell in the river, coupled with the wounds I received; I tried to keep myself conscious as I continued to flow downstream.

It was an impossible bet. Blood continued to flow out of my body as I continued to drift, the light of life slowly starting to disappear.

I kept flowing down river for what seem liked hours. Finally I lost consciousness.

“… or?!?”
Hmm? I heard a voice.

It is the voice of a woman like a ringing bell.

“Are you OK?” Everyone, please get this man on a carriage! I will treat him at the mansion! ”

Treatment? A mansion? Am I not dead?

I slowly opened my eyes. It was a river side. Apparently, I seem to have been launched into the side of the river somewhere.

There is nothing around. In the meantime, there were lots of gorgeous carriages that can be said to be out of place.

Someone asked: “Milady, why are you helping such a dirty person?”

“That does not matter! If you do not do it quickly this person will die!”

” I understand — Hey! Get him on this carriage!”

Robust men carried me from both sides and carried me to the carriage.

I knew I was familiar with the crests carved on the chest of the armor, but I was relieved to be helped, I lost consciousness again.

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