SFSA Chapter 1 Episode 1

Change of occupation

The next time I woke up, I was in bed.
With a bandaged body, I was sleeping in an unwrinkled, soft pure white bed. My body was hurting all over and it took a lot of effort to even open my eyes.

One of the maids saw me open up my eyes and hurriedly left the room.
The room became quiet.

All of a sudden I felt a sense of nothingness.
I thought of my comrades as family, and despite that, I was betrayed.
I was not thinking when I was fighting them and kept on striking.

“Damn it… It is absolutely ridiculous isn’t it?”

I grit my teeth with a grinding sound. To bear a grudge, to hate, to feel despair is tragic. That feeling of despair courses through me.

Then the door opened, a man who I think is past middle age walked in with a beautiful woman.

I, I recognize this woman.
Beautiful silver hair up to her waist, light blue eyes which seem transparent, and a wonderful slim physique. Her stunning beauty would leave men at a loss for words.

“Are you awake? You’ve been sleeping for 5 days. Are you feeling any pain anywhere?”
“You are the one who helped me, thank you. My body is painful all over as of now.”
“You!! You shouldn’t speak to Lady Sophie like that!”

“It is okay”, said the woman as she raised her right hand to silence the servant. Then she fixed her eyes on me. I smiled lightly.

“I want to talk to this person alone. Will Dennis and Laura please step outside for a little bit?”
“What did you say, Lady Sophie!? We can’t permit Lady Sophie, who is from a high class family, to talk to him alone with just the two of you!”
“That’s right! It is too dangerous, Lady Sophie! What would you do if this person is a secret agent from an enemy faction?!”

The Knight leader and the maid vehemently objected.
If I remember correctly, when I was lying down by the riverside, this lady and guy gave off a feeling of danger.

“I said it is alright, please leave. I don’t have to say it twice. Go outside.”
She pointed at the door with a fierce look in her eyes and urged them to leave the room.

When she was sure that the guard and the maid were out. She sat beside the bed and laughed a little.

“It’s been long time, Empire’s strongest assassin Aslan Ismail.”

“That time, you remembered it after all. Although I wore my mask, you still knew it was me.”

So, the very woman before my eyes was the target of my assassination which I failed to do.
Furthermore, she belongs to one of the 7 grand nobilities controlling all the rights of the Garda empire, the daughter of the Marquis Perseus Shamur, and her name is Sophie.
Her age is not so different from mine. With her good looks and superior intelligence, she is a talented woman who takes pride in her enormous popularity with the citizen of the territory.
Well, I just said my viewpoint of her character and personality which is exactly the opposite of my situation.

“I didn’t understand it at first. I understood that you fell into the riverside.”

I put 2 daggers on her stomach while she was asleep.
Each blade is called a “Master Reaper”, a black dagger with a carved seal of the god of death pattern in its handle. It is only given to a person with a title. I realize now that I am the only one, the strongest assassin of the Black Tenjin soldier Hades, who have this. I can say that I tried to cut off her head with this but I stopped. It is only natural to remember this dagger.

“That time, it was my bad but it was because of work though it was still revealed to you after all. If I abandoned my duty and went back to the organization, I would receive a good scolding from my superiors.“
“Thank you for not killing me that time even though I wasn’t able to express it. It is great that I am able to tell you this now.. I remembered I was certainly trembling that time but…”

As the daughter of Marquis Shamur, one of the 7 grand nobilities, when she delved into the world of politics, while she was respected by other large nobilities, there were still factions who didn’t like her. It was generally known that if given the right circumstances, people would be aiming their blades at her neck.

“There were so many people who were going to murder me and I have been preparing myself for death to come all throughout my life… and it finally appeared in front of me.”
“I see… is it still aimed at you?”
“Yes… an arrow flew beside me when I went out in the garden yesterday.”

“Good grief, it was really aimed at you…”
“Because I am also one of those who aimed at you, I can also say other people will do as well.”

“Still to be able to live, you are really amazing.”
“Other than that, I am stubborn and obstinate aren’t I? I am not shaken by most things… but when you appeared before me, as expected, it looked like a pawn is born indeed. (Go – Japanese chess reference)
“Hahaha, it did seem like that”

“It is an old story to reminisce but a very dangerous story.”
When we were reminiscing about that old tale, she’s was giving me this serious look while asking me.

“So then Ismail-san, why did the strongest assassin fall down in a place like that?”
“You may call me Imu. Well… to answer your question briefly, I was betrayed by the organization and was about to be murdered.”
“The organization? Is it the Black Tenjin soldier hades? Why?”
“I was very strong, the organization thought that there is a possibility that I would destroy them.”

“Is that so.”, is what she said like she understood. She looked down, thinking in silence for a while.

She was looking down for a while and suddenly she looked up at me and took my hand. Her eyes were wet and seemed to overflow at that time.

…Oh, why does it seem like she’s crying?

“That was terrible wasn’t it? Please leave this to me. I will definitely shelter Imu–san here, definitely!”
“Huh… no, that’s…why?”
“Imu-san is in trouble right? So I will help you! I will absolutely protect Imu-san!”
I feel mysteriously puzzled.
What is with this, this extremely good natured person…

“I… Didn’t I try to kill you before? For such a person to be sheltered…”
“Indeed, for that.. Is there any problem? You do not need to worry! Even if my family will know, since I have an outstanding authority in the empire, I can renew your career!”
“No… such a problem…”
… Somehow I think that she is serious about this.
I am grateful for her help but to do something beyond that can attract attention.
But I feel like, even if I decline, she will persist in doing her way.

“Bu..But.. don’t you think the other people working in this mansion will have doubts and questions?”

”That is ok, I will have Imu-san work as one of the employees in this mansion. Oh! I can have you as my body guard and I can walk outside in peace and even more safe than before.”
“Is it possible to have the person who fell by the riverside as an employee?”
“There is no problem at all! Having the person who was a former assassin who fell by the riverside as an employee compared to an ordinary employee, is much better! Besides everyone is on good terms here and it is a wonderful workplace!”

No, well I am an assassin… Though I have to say I am exceptionally able.
Slave? Former assassin? Aren’t I impressed by a nice workplace at all? Is it my blood, the blood of an assassin? Isn’t it a mistake to use this workplace to wash off a bloodthirsty person like me?
Besides, there aren’t a lot of opportunities or chances to employ a guy like me indiscriminately right?

… But, there must be value or merit in this.
Well, there aren’t many other places I can go. And I came from the Black Tenjin soldier hades organization who came to kill her too. I can’t deny the feeling that I felt repulsed and I was in a wrong direction like the others, but I have to clear myself from this.

I thought for a while, and I gave an answer.

This is the life that she saved. If I think about it that way, then don’t I have to protect her life as a repayment? That is, it may be unexpectedly fun to do so.

I made up my mind and told her of my decision.

“It is the life that you saved so you may use it as you please. I promise that I, Aslan Ismail, whom you saved, will protect you and defend you from the assassin’s knife that comes. This I swear to you.”

“That is very encouraging, for the strongest assassin to be my body guard. I can now go to any dangerous places where I restrained myself from going!”

“Please pardon.. umm I mean.. young miss, is that right?”

“You can call me Sophie if it is just the two of us. I am the only one who knows of your secret, Imu-san. So please enjoy your new life here. I will be in your care from now on.”

Sophie held out her hand.

Strangely, the pain I was feeling a while ago vanished. I was attacked by this bewitching feeling when I took out my left hand and shook hands with Sophie.

“Very well, Sophie.”
“Please take care of me, Imu-san.”

This time, I decided to change my occupation to an employee as a body guard from that of an assassin. In addition to that, I will take charge of guarding this exceptional beauty.

This is now a new life. Maybe it wouldn’t be that bad, but I will have to take it one step at a time.

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