The Servant is Formerly the Strongest Assassin!? (使用人は元最強の暗殺者!)

Note from the author: Character Illustration (Since my brother draws better than me, I asked him instead. I’m thinking of making an illustration from many characters that have a lot of requests.


• Aslan Ismail

Garda Empire’s strongest assassin.
With unrivaled assassination and combat skills, he once knocked down the empire’s heavyweights and great aristocrats to the bottom with fear. He wore a mask, so no one had ever seen his face. He belonged to the greatest underground organization of the Empire called the “Black Tenjin Soldier Hades”, but was killed by the upper echelon for fear of his growing power. After being betrayed by the organization and killed (or thought to be), he is currently working as an employee of Sophie, the daughter of the Marquis of Shamur, and his life benefactor.

• Sophie Perseus Shamur

The only daughter of Marquis (Shamur ), the biggest aristocrat family in the Garda Empire.
Not only does she possess beauty, she also has talents in a wide range of fields such as politics and military. Because of the long lasting peace in the Garda Empire, some people have said that she was born in the wrong era. Her personality can be said to be extremely kind to a fault.
She helps people who are in trouble regardless of whether they are good or bad, even those who have aimed for her life, causing endless troubles for her subordinates.
It was Sophie who discovered and rescued Aslan who had drifted along the river on her way back from the Imperial Capital of the Shamur territory.
Note from author: ( I want to update this sequentially)

Table of Contents

Prologue – From Assassin to Employee

Chapter 1

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